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Foliage®, Hush

Softy®, Monet

Softy®, Optik®

Suede™, Optik®
Quest®, Runway®
Foliage®, Runway ™
Suede™, Runway®
Suede™, Plume FX Colors™
Medley®, Crystal FX®
Quest®, Optik®
Zodiac®, Opulent FX®
Vibe®, Runway ™
Optik®, Vibe®
Bling Bling™, Tassel FX, Mirror FX
TuTu®, Plume FX®
Air™, Candy FX®
Softy®, Sizzle®

Zen® Colors, Opulent FX®

Air™, Jewel FX®

Crystal FX, Plume FX, Lazer FX
GeM, Opulent FX®
Monet, Opulent FX®

Suede™, Crystal FX®, LazerFX®

Medley®, Softy®, Opulent FX®

Sizzle®, Zen®

Medley®, Sizzle®

Sizzle Bright, Opulent, Jewel FX
Monet, Crystal FX®, Plume FX®

Quest®, Optik®

Crystal FX®, Optik®

Lavish®, Sizzle® Bright
Medley®, Mohair Classic
Monet, Zoom

Berroco Plush®, Zen® Colors
Crystal FX®, Sizzle®
Berroco Plush®, Optik®

Softy®, Candy FX®, Mirror FX®
Softy®, Jewel FX®
Quest®, Zen®, Lazer FX®

Crystal FX®, Zen® Colors

Medley®, Zoom

Suede™, Optik®

Monet, Softy®

Softy®, Optik®

Lavish®, Tassel FX®, Mirror

Medley®, Softy®


Runway®—This fantasy scarf yarn has random flags of leather-like gold or silver appearing among space dyed paper flags and pigtail strands, mixing color and texture to the max.
yarn details | shade card

TuTu®—With diaphanous layers of colors and textures that are sheer and opaque and soft and willowy, the yarn itself is practically already a fabric. Named for its ballet costume inspiration, soft streamers of tulle make this unique and wonderful yarn the talk of the town.
yarn details | shade card

Lavish®Lavish has every aspect that appeals to the scarf knitter, with spacedyed colors, ultrasoft fur and the twinkle of gold metallic. The scarf knitter who has worked 2 and 3 yarns together for a lavish effect will be delighted to find it all together in one fabulous yarn.
yarn details | shade card


All Berroco FX yarns can be knit together with other Berroco yarns for that special touch:
Candy FX®
Crystal FX®
Jewel FX®
Lazer FX®
Metallic FX®
Mirror FX®
Mosaic FX®
Opulent FX®
Plume FX®

Plume FX® Colors
Plume FX® Metallic
Tassel FX®


Length—Scarves can range in length from 40" long (a relatively short scarf) to 66" long, a relatively long scarf. A "scarflet" is a very short scarf that measures around 22" on average. (See a scarflet example here.) Most scarf measurements do not include fringe.

Fringe—To create fringe, cut equal lengths of yarn. Fold lengths in half. Using a crochet hook, catch the top loop and pull through the end of the scarf you wish to fringe. Pull ends of fringe through this loop making a knot.

Cutting Fringe—For speedier cutting, wrap yarn multiple times around a piece of cardboard that is the desired finished length of the fringe. Cut the lower edge to free wrapped strands.


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