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Pattern Corrections for Norah Gaughan vol. 9

Corrections shown in Bold

Auberon, page 17

Chart Key

—posted 10/16/12


Rosina, page 19

Left column, (4th line up from the bottom) Rep dec rnd every 2nd rnd twice more, then every rnd 3 times.

—posted 10/13/11

Callen, page 34 and Tavis, page 7


—posted 9/30/11

Fleta, page 20

Est pats (RS) Work in pats as established, work rows 1-16 of chart E three times, then continuing with row 17 of chart E and decreasing where indicated, work until piece measures 9”, ending with a ws row.

—posted 7/11/11

Right Front – est pats (rs) – work row 1 of last 7 sts of chart B, then work row 1 of charts D, B, C, pm…..

—posted 11/8/11

Gullveig, page 24

Chart C

—posted 11/8/11


Aeneas, page37

Chart B – Starting with row 35, work decs every RS row till 4 sts remain.
Correction on row 11.

—posted 10/18/11