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New Trends in Fashion Knitting

Inspiring Textures & Prismatic Colors

With the change of seasons, rich colors and soft, comfortable fibers seem irresistible. Elements and Cirrus are warm but lightweight, while Lodge and Boboli Quick provide mesmerizing new color combinations. Lacey Metallic and Ric Rac Long Print offer sophisticated new options for making ruffles. Along with yarn-specific pattern booklets, additional collections feature designs embellished with ruffles and a mix of popular cold-weather yarns. Norah Gaughan’s latest volume explores intriguing variations on four sweater constructions, in both subdued and bright colorways.

New Yarns for Fall 2012   

Berroco Elements™
Modern and sleek, Elements boasts a unique two-toned effect. A shimmering nylon mesh encloses soft wool, allowing the fibers to peek through and create a gentle halo of color.

Yarn Details & Shade Card
Elements patterns in Berroco booklets








Berroco Cirrus™
So light it seems to float, Cirrus blends super kid mohair with extra fine merino, locking the fibers into an airy nylon core.

Yarn Details & Shade Card
Cirrus patterns in Berroco booklets









Berroco Lodge™
Lodge’s mesmerizing color transitions are punctuated with vibrant tweed flecks. The lofty wool blend is spun into a single ply and works up quickly
into gorgeous stripes.

Yarn Details & Shade Card
Lodge patterns in Berroco booklets









Berroco Lacey™ Metallic
By introducing a few sparkling strands to Lacey's unique and airy construction, our popular ruffle yarn gets an eye-catching update.

Yarn Details & Shade Card
Lacey & Lacey Metallic patterns in Berroco booklets








Berroco Boboli™ Quick
Three strands of our soft and shimmering multicolored wool blend are plied together for a fast and satisfying knit.

Yarn Details & Shade Card
Boboli Quick patterns in Berroco booklets











Ric Rac™ Long Print
Slowly transitioning shades are used in both the base and edging of this subtle variation on our popular ruffle yarn.

Yarn Details & Shade Card
Ric Rac & Ric Rac Long Print patterns in Berroco booklets






Berroco Glee™
Dazzling color transitions add depth to a soft wool blend, perfectly constructed for creating airy ruffles.

Yarn Details & Shade Card
Free Glee™ patterns






New Booklets: Patterns for Fall 2012  

norah gaughan, vol. 11

Four basic garment structures form the foundation for a collection of experimental sweater variations worked in both clear, modern brights and dusky neutral shades.

Berroco Elements™

Clean, simple shapes lend a modern edge to a polished collection of garments worked in an innovative wool blend.

Berroco Lodge ™

A cozy self-striping tweed yarn lends free-spirited color and irresistible texture to uncomplicated sweaters and accessories.

Berroco Cirrus ™

A bold but sophisticated take on mohair, with airy accessories and sweaters featuring elegant stitches and vivid blocks of color.

Boboli™, Boboli™ Quick, Borealis®

Yarns with mesmerizing color transitions add depth and interest to easy garments and charming accessories.

Lacey™ & Ric Rac™

Fashionable ruffle yarns add a touch of refinement to sweaters and accessories worked in classic yarns.

Wintery Mix

Rustic yarn textures and classic stitch patterns are translated into contemporary silhouettes, perfectly blending style and tradition.