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Norah Gaughan and Cirilia Rose, the versatile talent that drives the Berroco Design Team, share their unique perspectives on our newest pattern collections in multimedia slideshows. Take a look and listen in...

Booklet #326 Wintery Mix
Rustic yarn textures and classic stitch patterns are translated into contemporary silhouettes, perfectly blending style and tradition..

Booklet #325 Berroco Lacey™, Berroco Ric Rac™
Fashionable ruffle yarns add a touch of refinement to sweaters and accessories worked in classic yarns.

Booklet #324 Berroco Boboli™, Borealis®, Boboli™ Quick
Yarns with mesmerizing color transitions add depth and interest to easy garments and charming accessories.

Booklet #323 Berroco Cirrus™
So light it seems to float, Cirrus blends super kid mohair with extra fine merino, locking the fibers into an airy nylon core.

Booklet #322 Berroco Lodge™
A cozy self-striping tweed yarn lends free-spirited color and irresistible texture to uncomplicated sweaters and accessories.

Booklet #321 Berroco Elements™
Clean, simple shapes lend a modern edge to a polished collection of garments worked in an innovative wool blend.

Norah Gaughan vol. 10
Versatile sweaters designed to complement every figure are worked in gorgeous neutral shades of both warm and cool-weather yarns.

Booklet #316 Berroco Versa™
An eclectic collection of casual garments garner extra attention when made from alluring shades of a variegated cotton blend.

Booklet #317 Berroco Lago™
Bright sunny colors in a beautifully textured yarn give flirty sweaters and summery tops the fun, carefree feel of a tropical getaway.

Booklet #318 Berroco Captiva™
A yarn with a hint of shine lends elegance to graceful silhouettes full of feminine details like lace stitching and curved hemlines.

Booklet #319 Linsey™ Geometry
Self-striping colorways in a cool linen blend look stunning when knit into cleverly constructed geometric shapes.

Booklet #320 Big Kids / Little Kids
Twenty-seven charming designs for kids of all ages. Kids will love fun details like knitted flowers and handy pockets, and parents will appreciate the washable yarns.

Norah Gaughan vol. 9
A profusion of spectacular cables in an inspiring range of sweaters and accessories worked in both dreamy soft shades and bold bright colors.

Booklet #315 Bohemian Mix
The combining of multiple colorful yarns, rich in texture and quick to knit.

Booklet #314 Berroco Voyage™ & Berroco Nanuk™
Luxurious yarn textures heighten the glamour of artfully draped accessories and easy-to-wear sweaters.

Booklet #313 Berroco Comfort® and Vintage™
Modern color combinations in durable machine washable yarns are the perfect choice to create fun and comfortable garments for adults and children.

Booklet #312 Berroco Boboli™
A lively gathering of sweaters and accessories made from stunning multicolor yarn get an added dose of quirkiness from ruffles and pompons.

Booklet #311 Berroco Flicker™
Feminine details take the spotlight on soft, comfortable garments worked in natural tones with a hint of glittering metallic.

Booklet #310 Berroco Soufflé
Intriguing stripes and a warm but airy fiber blend combine to make quick-to-knit toasty sweaters and accessories in classic silhouettes.

Norah Gaughan vol. 8
Artful touches, clever construction and as always, figure flattering silhouettes. Knit in sea glass inspired shades of cool cottons and soft linens.

Booklet #309 Berroco Weekend™ & Berroco

Weekend™ Chunky
Whether you're after instant gratification or light layers, you'll find them in this radiant collection of fraternal twins.

Booklet #308 Berroco Vintage™ &

Berroco Vintage™ DK
Texture, wearability and crafty touches combine in this fetching collection.

Booklet #307 Linsey
Stripes and solids in sun baked colors merge to make uniquely colorful warm weather garments.

Booklet #306 Berroco Glint™
Shine through the summer in these subtly sparkling, slinky garments inspired by the Seventies.

Booklet #305 Berroco Origami™

Knit & Crochet
Have it both ways! Whichever your craft, knit or crochet a casual but sophistcated summer basic. All patterns feature Origami, the cool, colorful cotton blend with multiple shades in every colorway.

Booklet #304 Berroco Sox™

Playground Stripes
Adorable and hard-wearing children's garments knit with charming shades of our self-striping sock yarn.

Norah Gaughan vol. 7
Inspired by crystals, geodes and gemstones, vol. 7 is a unified vision of 17 pieces with geometric motifs and embossed textures. Knit with the Ultra Alpaca range with touches of Lustra for glimmering shine.

Booklet #303 Berroco Remix™
Outfit your entire family in timeless, textured pieces, all worked in 100% recycled fiber Remix.

Booklet #302 Vintage™ & Vintage Chunky™
A detail oriented collection of clean wardrobe staples, all worked in Vintage and Vintage Chunky.

Booklet #301 Berroco Campus™
Rustic basics look new in this colorful, expressive yarn.

Booklet #300 Berroco Borealis®
Simple but dramatic shapes allow this shimmering yarn to take center stage.

Booklet #299 Sundae™ & Peruvia® Quick
Fast knitting yarns in metropolitan silhouttes, these sweaters have cross-generational appeal.

Booklet #298 Blackstone Tweed™ &

Blackstone Tweed™ Chunky
Tweedy classics with quirky touches, an endearing collection to see you through the chilly seasons.

Norah Gaughan, vol. 6: Metaphor
Softly shaded lengths of fabric drape over the body in 6 summer ready shapes.

Norah Gaughan, vol. 6: Hyperbole
Knit in bright cotton, these 7 garments explore embellishment without going over the top.

Booklet #297 Sock Star
This booklet features the winning designs from the Berroco Sock Star Competetion: accessories and garments, all knit in our sock weight yarns!

Comfort® Afghans: Knit
Browse the gorgeous collection of knit afghans stitched in Berroco Comfort®, Berroco Comfort® DK and Berroco Comfort® Chunky.

Comfort® Afghans: Crochet
Browse the gorgeous collection of crochet afghans stitched in Berroco Comfort®, Berroco Comfort® DK and Berroco Comfort® Chunky.

Booklet #296 Weekend™
If you're longing for comfortable cotton basics, look no further. Variations on a theme keep these staples interesting.



Booklet #294 Origami™
Multicolored and multifacted, these flirtatious garments will see you through the season and beyond.



Booklet #293 Vintage™ Family
From baby sister to mama and papa, we've got something new for the whole family in machine-washable favorite Vintage™.



Booklet #292 DK Baby
A clever twist on baby knits, all of these adorable patterns can be knit in either Berroco Comfort® DK or Berroco Pure® Pima.



norah gaughan, vol. 5 : bright women
Clear, bright hues make quintessential guernseys and Arans come alive.



norah gaughan, vol. 5 : fly away
Classic silhouettes embellished with lusciously draping flounces.



norah gaughan, men
Handsome sweaters, hats and scarves for the men in your life.



Booklet #291 Comfort®: Book for Girls
Back-to-school basics for your little lady. Knit in popular weights of Comfort, an itch-free classic.



Booklet #290 Vintage™
Finally, sweaters and accessories with the tween in mind.



Booklet #289 Lustra™
Shine on with our sophisticated sweaters in Lustra.



Booklet #288 Blackstone Tweed™
Chunky accessories and cozy sweaters will warm you and add color to your winter wardrobe.



Booklet #287 Sundae™
Chunky accessories and cozy sweaters will warm you and add color to your winter wardrobe.



norah gaughan, vol. 4 : excess
Norah's love of surface design shines in these 6 sweaters where excess fabric is folded, tucked, ruched and pleated.



norah gaughan, vol. 4 : flower child
Six flowing garments inspired by the romantic realm of a mythic hippie.



Booklet #286 Mica™
The shapes might be basic but charming details take these sweaters from ordinary to ingenious.



Booklet #285 Linen Picnic
Rustic yarns in relaxed silhouettes and an equally casual table is all you need for a blissful summer picnic.



Booklet #284 Family Comfort
Contemporary classics for the entire family, all knit in easy-care Berroco Comfort®.



Booklet #283 Secude™ & Berroco Bonsai®
Slink your way through a heatwave in these coquettish cooling layers.



Booklet #282 Latitude™
Striated fabric with a lightweight hand is the centerpiece of these breezy summer basics.



Norah Gaughan, vol. 3: Art House
A sculptural aesthetic inspires Norah's dazzling knitwear.



Norah Gaughan, vol. 3: Woodland Gothic
Gothic architechture meets knitting ... in the woods. See and hear Norah's take.



Booklet #281 Cuzco™ and Peruvia™ Quick
Margery and Norah discuss the joys of adding a little heft to your stitching.



Booklet #280 Sockcetera
Avoiding the obvious, Margery and Norah examine using our lovely sock yarns for everything...but socks.



Booklet #279 Ultra® Alpaca & Ultra® Alpaca Light
Discover the synchronicity of stripes with our self-striping engineered yarns Geode and Jasper.



Booklet #278 Comfort™ Home
Wander through an atmospheric farmhouse with Margery and Norah, discovering the comforts of home.



Booklet #277 Peruvia™
Our exquisite roving yarn has produced another crop of spectacular designs. Let Margery and Norah give you a tour.



Booklet #276 Geode™ & Jasper®
Discover the synchronicity of stripes with our self-striping engineered yarns Geode and Jasper.



Norah Gaughan, vol. 2

"Objet d'art"

Each of Norah's designs is a work of art, in this 'story' photographed in a lovely antique store setting.

Norah Gaughan, vol. 2

"3 for all"

On the flip side, this 'story' tracks how three pieces evolve from one base pattern, with beautiful results.

Booklet #275 Feet First
Celebrate sock knitting with Margery and Norah as they tiptoe through our first booklet featuring new Comfort® Sock and Berroco Sox™.



Booklet #274 Just for Tots
New Comfort® DK is perfect for everything baby, as Margery and Norah show you our latest darling designs for the little ones in your life.


Booklet #273 NaturLin®
Wander through a lovely historic home with Margery and Norah as they explain the story behind this collection of heirloom knit and crochet pieces in NaturLin®.


Booklet #272 Lumina™/Seduce®
Two of Margery and Norah's favorite new yarns— shimmery Lumina™ and sinuous Seduce®— inspired ultra-light knit and crocheted summer must-haves.

Booklet #271 Bonsai.2™
Margery and Norah had fun creating more luscious draped designs for popular bamboo-blend Bonsai®.


Booklet #270 Linen Jeans®
Margery and Norah discuss the process of designing several sweaters in two ways, featuring our fabulous spring yarn Linen Jeans®.



Your 2007 Favorites
The votes are in and Margery and Norah are delighted to reveal which patterns you liked most throughout 2007.

Our talented designers chat up some of your favorite topics.



Holiday Decorating
Margery and Norah discuss fun little projects that put a knitterly touch on your holiday home decor.

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Deconstructing the Cardigan
Margery and Norah re-invent the cardigan with assymetry, simple draping and easy layering.

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Sock Knitting
Norah and Margery share their perspectives on the new wave of sock knitting yarns for toasty toes.

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