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HandezeĀ® Glove

Handeze® Glove    Handeze Workout | Size Chart

Craft in comfort with the Handeze® "Massage" Glove! The Handeze Glove supports active hands and soothes hand and wrist discomfort caused by Repetitive Stress Injury, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, arthritis and otmher injuries to the hand and wrist. The unique ergonomic design of the Handeze Glove provides therapeutic heat, massage and support for hands that craft. By wearing the Handeze Glove with Extended Wrist Support, you can give your crafting hands the best treatment possible.


Known as the "massage" glove, the Handeze Glove appeals to a wide range of crafters, from quilters and stitchers to knitters and general crafters, young and old alike. Professional crafters are particularly enthusiastic about the benefits of the Handeze Glove. Made from a special four-way stretch fabric, the Handeze Glove is activated by your hand movements producing an automatic massaging effect.Designed with the assistance of an orthopedic hand surgeon, the Handeze Glove also features extended wrist support which provides non-restrictive support during all repetitive hand, wrist and forearm motions.Because it improves circulation through heat and gentle hand massage, the Handeze Glove:

        •Relieves hand stress

        •Minimizes cramping and fatigue

        •Reduces pain and swelling from arthritis, tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

        •Computer users benefit from the Handeze Glove, too!

The easy-care Handeze Glove can be hand-washed and air-dried to ensure a long life of soothing massage.