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knit in Lacey™ Metallic  | color info
Skill level: Easy

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PDF Pattern Instructions

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Approx. 58” long

1 Hank BERROCO LACEY METALLIC (100g), your choice of color
Knitting needles, size 7 US (4.5 mm)

NOTE: Use larger loops along top edge that have both a wool loop and a nylon chain (see below).

Scarf is worked in two halves, then joined at the center. Before working scarf, hank will need to be cut in half. Estimate approximate halfway point and cut yarn (does not need to be exact).

SCARF HALF (make 2)
To secure end, roll first 1" of "yarn" and insert RH needle through all layers at the top edge of yarn (metallic side on the bottom). Insert
needle through the next available loop at top edge and with LH needle, pull the loop of rolled layers over the single loop and off the needle.

Then, insert point of RH needle from back to front through next 4 available loops at top edge – 5 sts. Turn.

Row 1: Insert point of RH needle through first st, then through next available loop at the top edge of yarn, and knit the st on needle using this loop. Repeat across row. Turn.

Repeat Row 1 until 3-6” of yarn remain in this half of hank.

Final Row: Insert point of RH needle through second st, then pass over first st and off needle. Repeat with third, fourth, and fifth sts - 1 st left. Thread remaining yarn through this last st and tighten, leaving the tail for finishing.

Join the scarf halves by knotting the two tails of yarn together. Using a tapestry needle, thread remaining length of each tail underneath ruffles of scarf.