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knit in Boho® Colors and Glace
Skill level: Intermediate

This is a knit pattern.


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Boho Colors                  Glace
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Layla is a shoulder bag constructed with two knit circles.



16 1/2” in diameter



5 balls BERROCO BOHO COLORS (50 grs), #9304 Dijon

3 hanks BERROCO GLACE (50 grs), #2003 Taupe

1 Set (5) double pointed knitting needles (dpn), size 7 OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE

16” and 24” Length circular knitting needles, size 7

Two 3/4” purse handle loops

1 St marker



22 sts = 4”;  36 rnds = 4” in St st with Boho Colors




Incs are worked by knitting in front, then back of each st.  When there are too many sts to fit comfortably on dpn’s, change to shorter circular needle.  Likewise, change to longer circular needle when there are too many sts for shorter.



With dpn’s, using Boho Colors, cast on 8 sts.  Divide sts evenly on 4 needles.  Join, being careful not to twist sts.  Mark for beg of rnd and carry marker up.

Rnd 1:  Inc 1 st in each st around – 16 sts.

Rnd 2 and all even rnds:  Knit.

Rnd 3:  * K1, inc in next st, rep from * around – 24 sts.

Rnd 5:  Rep Rnd 3 – 36 sts.

Rnd 7:  * K2, inc in next st, rep from * around – 48 sts.

Rnd 9:  * K5, inc in next st, rep from * around – 56 sts.

Rnd 11:  * K6, inc in next st, rep from * around – 64 sts.

Rnd 13:  * K7, inc in next st, rep from * around – 72 sts.  Continue in this manner, to inc 8 sts every other rnd having 1 more st between incs each time until you have 264 sts.  Change to Glace.  (Knit 1 rnd, purl 1 rnd) twice.  Bind off 99 sts (this will be bag opening), sl remaining 165 sts onto a spare needle.



Work same as back, slipping 165 sts onto spare needle.  Hold back and front tog with WS facing so that sts on the spare needles line up.  Using Glace, insert point of dpn through 1 st of front and 1 st of back and knit them tog.  Repeat with the next st, then bind this st off.  This is called a 3 needle bind off.  Continue in this manner to bind off all sts, joining front and back as you work.  When 1 st remains, sl this st to crochet hook and work in sc along edge of bag opening facing you to corner, turn work and work in sc along opposite edge of bag opening, join with a sl st in first sc.  Working from left to right, work 1 Reverse sc in each sc along edge of bag opening to corner, turn work and work in Reverse sc along opposite edge of bag opening.  Instead of joining, work in Reverse sc around joined edge of front and back, join with a sl st in 1st Reverse sc.

Braid:  Cut thirty-six 72” long strands of Glace.  Put strands tog and tie one end leaving 5” free for tassel.  Divide into 3 groups of 12 strands each and braid tog.  Fasten 1 purse handle loop at each corner of bag opening.  Insert end of braid through one loop and hold ends of braid tog.  Pull both ends of braid through second loop and tie securely so that tassels are tog (See photo).  Bag opening will now fold to the front forming flap.