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knit in Denim Silk
Skill level: Easy

This is a knit pattern.

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  Denim Silk  

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Approximately 14” wide x 64” long.


BERROCO DENIM SILK (50 grs), 5 hanks #1425 Amaranth.
Crochet hooks, sizes 5.00 mm (H) and 7.00 mm (L).
1 Hair Pin Lace Tool with width of 4”.


Set Hair Pin Lace Tool on width of 4”.  Following instructions on the package, using smaller hook, make 6 strips 228 loops long.


Lay 2 strips side by side.  With larger hook, pick up 3 loops on the left strip. * Draw 3 loops from the right strip through the 3 loops on hook.  Draw 3 loops from the left strip through the 3 loops on hook.  Rep from * until all loops have been used.  To finish off the last group of 3 loops, thread the tail from the right strip through the last group creating a loop and weave end down through the sc center.  Join remaining strips tog in the same manner.