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crafted or crocheted in Lumina™
Skill level: Easy

This is a knit pattern.

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Our Argentum duo of patterns features a crocheted watchband with button closure and a twisted necklace to show off your ring, both from Lumina.


PDF Pattern Instructions

(If you can’t open this PDF file you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Get it here.)



Necklace – Approximately 30” long

Watchband – To fit 7” wrist



1 Hank BERROCO LUMINA (50 grs), #1625 Silver Plate

Note:  1 hank will make BOTH necklace and watchband

For Necklace:  One silvertone bead approximately 1” square with large hole in center

Note:  We used a silvertone ring with a flat top

For Watch:  1” diameter silvertone watch face with bar on each side for attaching strap

Crochet hook, size 4.00 mm (F)

One  3/4” silvertone button



There are no gauge requirements for these projects



Cut 9 strands of yarn 3 1/2 times the desired finished length of necklace.  Put cords tog and fold in half.  Tie ends in a knot.  Holding the knot in your hand, slip the loop over a hook and pull tight.  Slip a pencil through the knotted end and twist until cord is so tight that it can’t be twisted further and starts to double back on itself.  Put 1 finger in center of cord and carefully fold in half, letting 2 ends of cord twist tog.  Knot both ends.  Fold cord in half and slip loop through hole in bead (or ring).  Pull ends of cord through loop, fastening bead in place.  Tie at back of neck to secure.



1st Half of Band: With RS of watch facing you (have stem of watch on your right), using crochet hook, work in sc across bar at side of watch.  Ch 1, turn.

Row 2:  Sc in each sc across.  Ch 1, turn.  Rep Row 2 until band measures 2 1/2” or desired length.  Fasten off.  Sew button to end of strap 1/2” in from end.

2nd Half of Band:  With RS of watch facing you (have stem of watch on your left), using crochet hook, work in sc across bar at the other side of watch.  Ch 1, turn.  Work same as 1st Half of Band until band measures 2 1/4”.

Buttonhole Row:  Work to center of band, ch 1, skip 1 sc, work to end.  On next row, work 1 sc in ch-1 space.  Work even until band measures 3 1/2” or desired length.  Fasten off.