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Booklet Patterns

2011 Collection

Booklets 310—315

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Berroco Soufflé
Intriguing stripes and a warm but airy fiber blend combine to make quick-to-knit toasty sweaters and accessories in classic silhouettes.

Berroco Flicker™
Feminine details take the spotlight on soft, comfortable garments worked in natural tones with a hint of glittering metallic.

Berroco Boboli™
A lively gathering of sweaters and accessories made from stunning multicolor yarn get an added dose of quirkiness from ruffles and pompons.

Berroco Comfort® & Vintage™
Modern color combinations in durable machine washable yarns are the perfect choice to create fun and comfortable garments for adults and children..

Berroco Voyage™ &
Berroco Nanuk™
Luxurious yarn textures heighten the glamour of artfully draped accessories and easy-to-wear sweaters.

Bohemian Mix
The combining of multiple colorful yarns, rich in texture and quick to knit.