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Pattern Corrections for #317 Berroco Lago™

Corrections are in bold.

Windley, page 11

Front: Divide for Neck:
Gathering Row (RS): K40(45-50-55-60-65), (k2 tog, k3 tog) 10 times, k to end – 100(110-120-130-140-150) sts.
Next Row (RS): P40(45-50-55-60-65), join another hank of yarn and bind off center 20 sts, p to end.

Continue with – Working both sides at once…

—posted 4/23/12

Coppitt, page 11

Front: Work same as back until piece measures 15(15-15½-15½-16-16)” from beg….

—posted 6/13/12