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Pattern Corrections for #307 Linsey™

Corrections are in bold.


Bayarri, page 9

After cast on – DO NOT JOIN. Work one purl row. Working in St st, follow chart (see HOW TO USE CHART) until piece measures approximately 18(19-20)” from beg, end on WS with Row 112 (106-100) of chart.


Larroca, page 11

Right Front: Ribbing: Rep these 2 rows until piece measures 1½” from beg, ending with row 1.

— posted 4/28/11

Josu, page13

Front: Return to sts left on circular needle – 92(203-112-122-132-142)sts. Change to MC.

Turia, page 15

Materials: 4(4-5-5-6-7) Hanks BERROCO LINSEY (50 grs),
#6556 Shell (MC), 3(3-4-4-5-5) hanks #6502 Edgartown (A) and 1(1-1-2-2-2) hanks #6508 Chilmark (B)

—posted 2/23/11