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Pattern Corrections for #293 Vintage™ Family

Corrections are in bold.


Faverolle, page 8

Divide for pocket - Work same as back until piece measures 10(10-10½-10½-11-11)” from beg end on WS – 67(75-85-93-103-111) sts.

—posted 1/5/11


Sebright, page 10 & 11

Materials: Straight knitting needles size 7(4.50 mm)

Sleeves: Work in ribbing same as back for 2”, end on WS.
Work in St st, inc 1 st each side every ¾(¾-½-½-½-½)” 10(11-13-15-16-18) times – 59(61-65-69-71-75) sts.

—posted 4/16/10


Australorp, page 16

Back: Work even in St st until piece measures 19½” from beg, end on WS.

—posted 9/21/11