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Pattern Corrections for #277 Peruvia™

Pakuna, page 9

Note: When working the left front, move the colors back and forth into position carrying the yarns on wrong side.
—posted 11/14/08

Left Sleeve: booklet instructions.
RIGHT SLEEVE: Work same as left sleeve until piece measures 14½". Continue to work in St st until sleeve measures 16", end on WS. Work 1" in Reverse St st. (Knit 2 rows CC, knit 2 rows MC) twice, end on WS. Bind off.
—posted 9/2/08

Prue, page 10

Stitch Glossary
Sl 11 sts to cn and hold in BACK, p1, RT2, p1, k2, p1, RT2, p1; sl first st on the left of cn to LH needle and p this st; then work 10 remaining sts from cn as

p1, RT2, p1, k2, p1, RT2, p1.
—posted 2/6/09

Pamelia, page 12
Left Lower Band
With straight needles, cast on 10 sts.