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Pattern Corrections for #274 Comfort™ DK

Christoffer, page 2
Border: Row 1 (RS): K1, * p1, k1, rep from * across. Row 2 (WS): P1, * k1, p1. Rep these 2 rows until piece measures 2” from beg, end on RS.
Establish Pat St: Row 1 (RS): K1, (p1, k1) 5 times, work Row 1 of Chart to next marker, k1, (p1, k1) 5 times. Row 2: P1, (k1, p1) 5 times, work Row 2 of
Chart to next marker, p1, (k1, p1) 5 times.

—posted 7/2/10


Work between E and J

Buttonhole Row (RS): Work 6sts, yo, k2tog, * work 6(6-7-8-9) sts, yo, k2tog, rep from * once more, work to end.