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Pattern Corrections for Book 233

#4 - Cowgirl Jacket

Directions are correct up to Beg Yoke. From here, directions should read as follows:

Beg Yoke: Row 1 (RS): With MC, k25(25-27-29-32-34), join one ball each of A and B and k1 with A and B held tog, join another ball of MC and sl next st to cn and hold in FRONT, k1, k1 from cn, p1.

Row 2: With MC, p3, with A and B held tog, p2, with MC, p to end. In this manner, continue to move yoke sts 1 st over toward armhole EVERY row 6(6-6-6-7-7) times more, then move yoke sts 2 sts toward armhole EVERY row 9(9-10-11-12-13) times more - 26(26-28-30-33-35) sts worked with A and B held tog and 3 sts at front edge worked with MC. Fasten off ball of MC at armhole edge and work even until armhole measures 5½(5½-6-6-6½-7)", end on RS.

Neckband: With RS facing, using straight needles and MC, beg at right front edge, work 9(9-10-10-11-11) sts from right front holder, pick up and k22 sts along right front neck edge, k38(38-40-40-42-42) sts from back holder, increasing 1 st in center, pick up and k22 sts along left front neck edge, then work 9(9-10-10-11-11) sts from left front holder – 101(101-105-105-109) sts.

#14 Maisy

Shape Armholes: Bind off 7(8-8-8) sts at beg of the next 2 rows 82(88-104-116) sts instead of 82(92-104-116) sts. Remaining instructions are correct as printed.

Remaining directions are correct as printed.