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knit in Smart Cotton

Skill level: Easy

This is a knit pattern.





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Yarn used ...

Smart Cotton









Please note that this pattern specifies yarn(s) which have been discontinued by Berroco. Therefore, we can no longer accept any consumer inquiries regarding this pattern by
phone or via email. Nonetheless, we hope you might enjoy copying this “oldie but goodie” for your personal library and knitting the pattern with whatever yarns you choose to substitute.

in Smart Cotton. A simple lace pattern creates a cropped, boxy cardigan.


Shown in size Small/Medium


Directions are for women’s size X Small. Changes for size Small/Medium, Large and X Large are in parentheses.

Bust (buttoned) – 35(391/4-461/4-521/2)”.
Length – 201/4(21-22-223/4)”.

BERROCO SMART COTTON (50 grs) 10(12-14-16) balls #1327 Green Tea.
Straight knitting needles, size 7 OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE.
Crochet hook size 4.50mm (G).
6 1" BERROCO buttons #A327 Green Tea.

20 sts = 4"; 29 rows = 4" in Lace Pat with size 7 needles.

LACE PAT (multiple of 8 sts plus 1)
Row 1 (RS):
P1, *k2tog, yo, k3, yo, SKP (sl 1, k1, psso), p1; rep from * across.
Rows 2 and 4: K1, *p7, k1; rep from * across.
Row 3: P1, *k2, yo, SK2P (sl 1, k2tog, psso), yo, k2, p1; rep from * across.
Rep rows 1-4 for Lace Pat.

When shaping in Lace Pat, if there is not a yo to compensate for every dec, and vice versa, then omit dec or inc.

Cast on 89(97-113-129) sts. Work even in Lace Pat for 13", end on WS.
Shape Armholes: Bind off 8 sts at beg of next 2 rows. Work even on remaining 73(81-97-113) sts until armholes measure 61/4(7-8-83/4)”, end on WS.
Shape Neck: Next Row (RS): Work 24(28-35-43) sts, join another ball of yarn and bind off center 25(25-27-27) sts, work to end. Working both sides at once, bind off at each neck edge 3 sts once, then 2 sts once. Work even until armhole measures 71/4(8-9-93/4)”, end on WS. Bind off remaining 19(23-30-38) sts each side for shoulders.

Cast on 41(49-57-65) sts and work even in Lace Pat until piece measures 13" from beg, end on WS.
Shape Armhole: Bind off 8 sts at beg of next row. Work even on remaining 33(41-49-57) sts until armhole measures 43/4(51/2-61/2-71/4)”, end on RS.
Shape Neck: Next Row (WS): Bind off 8 sts (neck edge), work to end. Continue to bind off at neck edge 3 sts 0(1-1-1) times, then 2 sts 1(1-2-2) times, then dec 1 st every other row 4(5-4-4) times. Work even until armhole measures 71/4(8-9-93/4)”, end on WS. Bind off remaining 19(23-30-38) sts for shoulder.

Work to correspond to left front, reversing all shaping.

Cast on 73(81-89-97) sts and work even in Lace pat for 101/2”, end on WS. Bind off all sts.

Steam pieces (See instructions on page 1). Sew shoulder seams. Sew top of sleeves to front and back armholes, sewing upper 11/2” at sides of sleeves to bound-off armhole sts.
Left front button band: With RS facing, using crochet hook, beg at start of neck shaping, work 4 rows sc evenly along left front edge. Sew 6 buttons on band, with the first and last at 1/2” from each end and 4 others evenly spaced between.
Right front buttonhole band: Work same as button band, but work buttonholes opposite markers on row 2 as follows: ch 4, sk 3 sc for each buttonhole.
With RS facing, using crochet hook, work 1 row sc evenly around neck, lower edge of body and sleeves.